Notability App Icon - Evolution

Design cycle for the Notability app icon.

I even went so far as to rebuild the illustrator artwork as a 3d model for further exploration. However, the decision was made to stick with the current version of the mic-cil, this was a good experience though int modeling more complex topology, which is something I'm looking to pursue going forward.
As the app market evolved, so did the Notability app icon, relying less on the skeuomorphic design and more on the
mic-cil shape itself. Also for the fourth version, I simplified the hole pattern and made it more dimensional. I modeled the grill in Modo (A 3d App) so that I could see how the holes would wrap. Then I traced the rendering.
There was a lot of trial and error with the app icon, I tried some cute animal icons, those didn't work so well. 
Then I tried a bunch of different notebooks and pencils.  This got the point across, we were about
to introduce handwriting so it was a key feature and we wanted to make it clear that it was a focus of the app. But the 
notebooks didn't really help to convey the idea that we also allowed users to record audio as they took notes. Also, at smaller sizes back in the day of 1x graphics being king, the book pages kinda became a mushy blob of pixels.

After a bit of a struggle I finnally landed on the idea of mushing a mic into a pencil, the mic-cil. Which turned out to be a pretty recognizable shape. Albiet a little odd. 
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